Small Potatoes not Smallpox

September 21, 2001

Niki and I had a nice evening with my Mom Wednesday night. We sat around and talked politics and weddings. Fun time had by all. I came back home, fired up Dreamweaver and tried to optimize some of the graphics on this page. I think I have everything down to about 2k or less.

Last night we watched the “Friends” episode only to find out that the new season starts a week from Thursday not this Thursday. Not too happy. We watched the wonderful speech by Dubya and were amazed at how well it went. I asked Niki if she thought that Gore would have done as well of a job as Bush in this situation, she said that Al would have been like Clinton…I strongly agree. Not to take swipes at Al and Bill, but in their 8 years military spending was cut so severe that we weren’t prepared for any kind of attack. Were we pompous enough to not think it would happen here? Yes, we were. We know better now.

Computer-wise, everything is the same. Nothing too new going on. My shipments still aren’t here and I’m still waiting. Life-wise, there is a lot going on. More money and more planning. I’m going tux shopping next week. I know what I want….Powder Blue baby!

I’m considering the switch back to Blogger …Since

I can run SSI on this server I can have about 3 different Blogger-powered ideas

on one central page. Going to try a few tests to see. NewsPro, while not necessarily

a journal software, works well and is highly customizable. I like the various

add-ons and some little hacks that make it what it is. I like being in control

and NewsPro allows that, but Blogger is more of a community….it’s all really

about getting people to your site. 5,000 is good, but I want more….**more

I tell youmore!!!!**