eat what the chef eats

September 24, 2001

Today was interesting, did a little bit of computer work. Cleaned up my work sites. I really want to kick the 1999 me for setting up the Hutcheson page like I did. I’ve gone back and cleaned up the html, but it is really hard to update anything on that page. I went through and updated about 15 pages from top to bottom. I know now that I like Dreamweaver (DW) over Frontpage because in DW you can update all of the pages with the same updates as opposed to going into each individual page the FrontPage way.

In the update mode, is my page for riv@. I’m changing to a different fully functional design. I am trying to be hip, but sometimes it is easy to fall back into old habits. For this site I’m changing the format of my journal archives. I am combining all of the files into a monthly archive without any formatting or design at all. That way, I can change from providers and designs without effecting older content. I went through and I’ve been trying to format the files when I was on an ASP provider. It’s a tough job but it has to be done. I figure a good hour each evening and I can have the notes reformatted by this weekend.

I got a copy of NetObjects Fusion MX (NOF) this weekend. It will be the final version under the NetObjects banner. My review so far is that they dropped the ball on this one. Most of the functionality is there but nothing really merits upgrading from 5.0. I like the way NetObjects did this program, but in their efforts to advance it, they did nothing but dumb it down. I might like to play around with this some more, but I’ve been headstrong into Dreamweaver. I know I like Dreamweaver now, because I dred opening up FrontPage and Fusion at work to edit a page. I did use NOF to make some layout ideas. I’m still going to keep NOF around the offices but my main choice will be Dreamweaver. After everything calms down after October, I need to reevaluate what is on the intra and internet servers. I put Dreamweaver in the budget and I plan on getting away from FrontPage asap.

Browsers…I have put an effort into getting away from Microsoft products. I am trying out Netscape 6.1. Mozilla .9.4, and Opera. I am mainly using Netscape 6.1 because of the mail component. Mozilla’s didn’t work too well and K-Meleon didn’t have one at all. I got away from using Eudora well because I really really hate that program. Outlook has served me well, but I really want my system to be secure against viri and Microsoft’s invasion of privacy. I’ve been using Opera and it’s good…actually it’s a lot better than I was giving it credit for. The mail component is ok, but I’ll test it between NS. I really wish Mozilla’s mail program was working. I would rather deal with Mozilla than the big faceless corporate entity that funds it.

The official launch of is soon….really soon. We have some staffing news and some other interesting events happening with it. We now have a Regional Director for the State of Georgia’s Department of Child Safety on staff . Good things happening. We are also hoping to have PHPNuke configured ASAP. We are going to launch before our 503b is official. We will not have anything remotely going on other than the website so it shouldn’t be an issue.