black cows, bindis, and electrons

September 28, 2001

Nothing is going on but I know I’ll be working my butt off next week. The new client system came in and my processor and memory came in for my new system “Angus”. Then on my “real” job I have to setup a few web things and finish the video project I’ve been working on for the past month. We worked yesterday and did some interviews and some basic shots. Now it just needs to be edited and have some voiceovers finished. Should be fun. I had to come up with some basic questions and we had the director be the interviewer. I would rather someone like him do this, since he has done this many times before. I know now what I need to do in the next videos. It’s really interesting watching these people work. They are good and know it. They come in, get the shot, and they’re done.

I start my other job next week. So I’ll have some conference calls and some meetings to attend. That might not push me back, but I have a feeling it will. Oh the frustration of 5 deadlines within one week.

I have been swapping between Opera and Mozilla as my web browser. I like Opera for the fact that I can edit how my toolbar works in a simple ini file. I like being able to design my own icons and I like the fact that it is fast. It was strange using IE today. I have not used IE and Outlook (other than at work) all week. I finished downloading a nightly build of Mozilla and wow is it good. I like both browsers, so it will take a few more weeks to see which one I like better. K-Meleon is a good Mozilla-based browser, I use it on my older P90 laptop, but I am sticking with Mozilla. Like I said above, I have not ran Outlook at home. I am going between the mail components of Mozilla and Opera. After I installed Netscape 6.1, my Mozilla mail works fine. I don’t need the scheduling capabilities of Outlook, I just need a simple POP3 client. Mozilla has been working fine and this nightly build is definitely better than the 9/14 edition. Why not use Eudora? Well it scatters it’s junk files all over your computer. I might use it, but I am more interested in having fewer programs dogin what I need. If I wind up needing a schedule program, I can always install Lotus Organizer. I have the CD, I’ve used it before and it was free.

Oh this weekend should be fun. I am going to see if my new system will work. I just need to finish drilling the holes for the power supply. I might be able to get away without an ATX extension cable. I woke up with another new system problem in my head…the on and reset buttons. I need to hack together an on switch. I actually have a good idea about how to do it, but for right now I might just use the switches out of an old ATX case. But for the pure geek in me, I might just build the switches and be done with it.