Kill Mode Crusher

October 5, 2001

I am not a people person today.

I worked on a VR shot using Ulead Cool 360. Boy does that software suck, but at least it saves in QuickTime VR format so it blends well with the existing footage. I had to shoot a VR shot and edit it down and finish a page within 5 hours. This work should have been done over a week ago, but I am behind because of scheduling conflicts. No one person is to blame. I didn’t have a tripod so I had to run out and get a cheap tripod for a digital camera. Works like a champ, it’s light, and I could put it in a backpack if needed.

This will be a late night. I have to setup a projection system and coordinate the sound for the event tomorrow. I also need to reherse with a speaker over her script. Then I’ll need to finish making changes to a website. So, I will probably work really late and get up really early to get set for the event. Then luckly I can spend most of the time in the sound booth.


I am here and I am very very tired. I loaded up my Jeep with about 500 VHS tapes, brochures, and then went to the event site. We unloaded and put tables and chairs out and made sure everything was ok. I had a laptop working on a rear-projection screen and it looks nice. I’m going to use my wireless keyboard, hopefully. I wish I had brough it and a few games, because running a laptop on a screen in a theater looks really good. The theater is larger than the one for “The Tonight Show”. My virtual tour has been on the radio for about two weeks, so I am nervous. So I have two big things tomorrow, my first virtual tour and my first video project other than commercials.

I had better go, I have to be at the site at 7am. My video player won’t be there until 8, so I need some “chill time”. Should be fun. I’ll put up the links to the virtual tour tomorrow.