L.A. Drag

October 8, 2001

Well I am still recovering from all of the work done Friday and Saturday. I get comp time for Wednesday. So I’m going to go tux shopping then.

Niki and I went to a wedding shower for her brother. It was a neat time, where we dressed up as characters in a murder mystery. I was the Indian, Niki was the female gunslinger. I have some photos and decided that I want to grow my hair out. I might look like a rocker then.

I don’t want to talk computers today, so lets talk about drums….I haven’t played a full set in oh so long. I am starting to really miss playing, so one of my first investments after we get the wedding budget paid off will be an electric kit. I have 2 full drums sets, 4 Green Ludwig Vistalite toms, 4 snares, and a full range of cymbals. So, I’ve decided to keep my old Premier set, I’ve bought it when I was 18 and had been on hundreds of gigs with me. It sounds great and it would feel like I was giving away a part of me. The Ludwig set on the other hand is a great set too. A 60’s Ludwig in Oyster Blue finish….rare. Sounds good, well then again 30+ years old maple will sound good. I’ve used this on a few gigs and many studio recordings since I got it in 1995. It is loud, very loud. Good rock drums. They need some work, but they are well worth it.

At one time, I was really into the collecting of vintage drums. It was really easy, in let’s say 1990, to pickup a Vistalite tom for $50 or a Leedy snare for $75. Now those go for about double or triple the prices then. It has also gotten a lot harder to find drums. I call it the “Nirvana Problem”. When Grunge started it showed that a garage band could get old equipment and kick the ass of a hair band with new flashy guitars. No more lime green Ibanez guitars, now people wanted Fender Jazzmaster guitars and old Slingerland or Ludwig drums from the 60s & 70s. So everyone hit the pawn shop looking for these unique instruments.

I’m more into electronic drums now, simply because I can play them in an apartment. The Roland V-Drums are really nice. I could do a lot of things with them, but I think they cost way too much. I have my old kits, I don’t ever see myself playing a new kit. I’ve owned one new kit, but I found it more fun refurbishing old drums to make them better than the old ones. I have a nice Slingerland snare that I brought back from a shell only state. I use it all of the time. I also rebuilt my old Premier snare. Replaced that horrible snare assembly with an old P-85. I have another old shell waiting to be put together. It’s a Round badge Gretsch that has been refinished in a black/bronze wood finish. Looks great, just needs to have it’s lugs put back on.

I’ve been trying to keep my hands in shape, I hit a pad a few times a week and just try to keep my rolls smooth. I played a few handdrums last week and I can feel my calluses’ going. So I really need to start playing again. Each time I have a playing lapse, my style changes. I stopped playing for a year in about 1994. Before then, I was playing gigs every weekend and had my best Bozzio chops going. Then I stopped because my guitar player went to jail. I started listening to different music. My style is mellower now. Since I’ve stopped playing for another year, my style will possibly be more jazzy, since I’m listening to more jazz & acoustic music and heavier since I have started listening to more heavy rock. I could easily play drums in Korn just as I could in most bands out today. Tool is possibly the only band I couldn’t sub in. I’m ready to rock….