October 10, 2001

Ahh, a nice day off in the middle of the week. Because of my overtime this past weekend, I was able to take a day off today. I’ve been doing a supriseing amount of web work this week. I’ve added two pages to the Hutcheson site and I was able to clean up a few more pages. I have a flyer due on Monday and I still have to finish reading the vast amounts of RFPs that are on my desk. I have about another week to go through those RFPs. The smallest at 20 pages and the largest at over 60 pages are starting to make my eyes blur.

I’m going Tux shopping today. I know exactly what tux I want, I just need for the kind Mitchells’ staff to get one in for me to try on. The Mitchels website really sucks. Its usability is very hindered. The email address for my local store gets bounced.