Sharp Bag O’ Fun

October 12, 2001

It is still strange to me, to have Windows 2000 running on my Mac at work. It’s funny having the startup chimes happen and even funnier using IE5. I am going to replace Win2k with Win98 and hope for a performance boost. VirtualPC isn’t equal to VMWare under x86 systems. I think I made a post about this earlier, but it runs slower than the 166 that I had. I have version 3.0 and I hope that 4.0 is faster. I tried out a version 3.0 with Win98 and it ran faster. Right now, it runs like a P90…maybe slower.

I am going to Las Vegas at the end of the month for a business trip. I forget the name of the web conference, but it’s one I’ve wanted to attend for a while. And yes, I am flying out to Vegas. Am I afraid of flying? Not really. Do ceramic knives set off metal detectors and X-ray machines? Don’t know that either.[**mk-5/2002- I didn’t go because of my old job’s crappy business plan…..]</b></P></p>