October 14, 2001

Oh how I love cgi scripts. I’ve been using/testing the betsie script and seemed to have forgotten having it on my server. That is until the sysadm of my host emailed me asking why googlebots were spiking that script. I think I had a few thousand hits off of that script alone…about 200k of traffic. He rewrote the script, but I’m not going to use it here again. I don’t need it, but some of my clients already use it. I’m going to update their scripts and take out the authorized user list.

I hate to announce this here, but Geekreader has folded. Elliot tried to get some other writers and traffic to the site, but wasn’t able to. I never posted like I should have and we just couldn’t get the traffic we needed. The domain is up for sale. So my writing will continue here and maybe after the first of the year, I can concentrate more on this site and everything I do here.