what’s the frequency kenneth?

October 16, 2001

Monday wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. I went through about 20 RFPs and had to listen to hammering all day. Seems that the roof has been leaking onto the first floor. And that leak was beside my office window. So, I’ve had to contend with hammering, hammering and more hammering. I tried to listen to the radio, but the batteries died. Went home and did laundry, fixed a small/simple meal, and collapsed on the couch. I don’t know if I need to get a new dosage of my thyroid medicine, but I do feel more tired than I have been. That might be for the few extra pounds or for the late sleepless nights I’ve been having.

Why have I been missing sleep? I don’t know. I know my new cat Ziggy has kept me up scratching on my door and just meowing as loud as her feline voice will allow. But I’ve pretty much tuned her out, so that isn’t really too much of an issue. I’ve been falling asleep with the TV on, I’ll wake up around three-ish and turn it off. This morning, I woke-up to turn the TV off and I see Colin Powell and a rep from Pakistan on TV, so I try to watch a few minutes. At 3am, a press conference broadcast live should be an interesting thing….it’s not. Before the hospital’s baby shower event, I can understand worrying and staying awake, but now I am a lot better so I guess I can attribute it to that. A friend has suggested that it could be the pre-Wedding anxiety.

I’m feeling great about the Wedding…some little snags have come up, but nothing too bad. 5 weeks away…wow, I just have to step back and realize that in 5 weeks, I will finally have a wife. A lovely wife at that and my best friend too. It’s just one of these things you have to look back on and think about. Before I met Niki, I was going out with a nice woman (not dating), she only wanted me as a friend, but through her I realized what I wanted in my dreamgirl. This woman was what I though I wanted, but she was a complete opposite from me. It wasn’t until I met Niki that I knew what my dreamgirl was….Niki is my dreamgirl. I couldn’t have imagined someone so much like me and just fits my personality to a “T”. I just love her. I love everything (yes everything) about her. It’s our little differences that make us a perfect fit. I have a philosophy…a simple one that I have been forgetting recently…”You might not know the reasons now, but eventually the reasons will be clear”.

In other news….Anthrax? Here?�

On our way to lunch, we passed two separate news crews heading to the post office in St. Elmo. So we initially thought/knew something was going on. All of the local news sites have something about it, but it all seems like the same press release.

I had a nice lunch at the Chattanoogan today. Our VP and Director took the crew out to lunch in appreciation of the hard work we did for the baby shower. It was a nice buffet with couscous, salad bar, steak, duck, chicken and way too many desserts. I never had couscous until today and it went very well with my steak and spoonbread. Yum. Next, I’ll have to figure out how to make this wondrous treat.

I really like Dan Rather, and this interview makes me appreciate him even more.

I have still been receiving thousands upon thousands of hits from the googlebots. So, I finally put up a robots file to get rid of those bastards. No searching my cgi-bin you spiderbastards! I think I’m up to about 50k hits.

My posts will become more sporadic as the wedding approaches. I’m crossing my fingers on a couple of issues and if they happen, I’ll let ya’ll know.