October 19, 2001

I really don’t have anything to write about today. I got my ring back from the shop, invitations are being printed, and more money is being put back. The office was empty today. The boss was returning from a conference, the safety guy was in Florida on business, the foundation person was out and the events person was sick. Me and the Physician liason were the only ones here. It was really…really…really boring.

I finally found out who remade The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”. It was of all people Sheryl Crow. It’s on The Who tribute album, “‘SUBSTITUTE: THE SONGS OF THE WHO”. I might pick that album up, I’ve been more of a Who fan recently and I think that album would just rock.

Any XML developers need a job in Chattanooga? An acquaintance is looking for 4-5 XML,ASP,DOM developers for a year contract. About $30-35 an hour. I’m not an XML person, so I’m not going to take it.