Fly on the Wall Went

October 22, 2001

Fly on the Wall

Went to a birthday party yesterday and had a chance to check out some spy gear. Interesting stuff….all fun to see. Sat around and talked about computer survalence. Yesterday was also the day to see a bunch of people I went to school with. It was funny, but in the course of about 5 minutes I ran into about 3 people who I hadn’t seen since school. Niki and I were waiting to have our picture taken for a wedding announcement and these people just walked by.

I’m out sick today. I don’t know why, I just feel horrible. I have a system that needs to get out of here and it’s delayed some more. Since I’m sick, I’m testing out Blogger again. I like NewsPro, but it’s in a state of flux. Blogger is a great community and has some cool scripters behind it. Interesting…

CSS is my new friend. It’s really an interesting language. I’ve been playing around with a few layout ideas and I’m really struck about how cool it really is.