Burning Banned Books

October 23, 2001

I’ve been trying to put together an intranet mock-up in Dreamweaver. I have some ideas together, but css rendering is making me reconsider. I really wish I could officially banish FrontPage from my office. I never realized how stiff and unusable it really is. Dreamweaver is an awesome tool. Photoshop 6 on the other hand is trying to be more like Fireworks. I really don’t see any major reason to upgrade from 5.0 to 6. Sure the color charts convert to hex codes now and I like the font toolbar at the top, but it works just like 5.0. I know 5.0 and I use it daily so unless something really great is added, I’m not going to update.

I use to have a rule…skip a version. I used M$ Office 4.0, skipped 95, and used 97. Office2k was a big enough upgrade that I switched to it. Most companies are putting enough new things in their products that I have cast away my rules. Would I upgrade my machines to WindowsXP? No. I am staying at 2000 and 98se for as long as I can. I will evaluate Linux more and maybe an Apple Mac again. OSX looks good enough to move, but the tools aren’t there. Linux is stable, but apps aren’t there either. Sure I could code in VI, but that would be like driving a car with my feet. If the tools are available, why limit yourself to an operating system with no decent HTML editor. Staroffice is a good step toward a good office package for Linux. AbiWord is getting better each time I download a new version. So, I believe once we start getting decent office packages for Linux, soon we will have a nice HTML editor.

My new computer is still sitting in parts, waiting on me to hack together a case using a Dremel tool. The sad thing is that once it gets built, I’m asking why I need it. I don’t play around with Linux that much and the benefit in having another system is kinda hidden. Sure it’s faster, but not by much. Plus with all of the memory in my main system, it will wind up being almost as fast. I have a DVD ready to be installed and a 6gb drive. If I install all of this, I would have a nice system.

Apple released the iPod today….how 1999 of them. It’s an MP3 player that is also a 5gb Firewire drive. Interesting. The commercial on apple.com is funny. Looks like the alleged photos that /. posted were B.S.. I think if the iPod does well, an Apple-branded PDA isn’t far behind. Macslash looks like it ran over their monthly bandwidth and it was hard getting into most of the other Mac sites.

Redmond Linux also released Release Candidate 2. Once it is finalized, I am planning on trying their version of Linux again. Looks good and would be a killer combo with Staroffice.