Pop Killed the Radio Nothing

October 24, 2001

Pop Killed the Radio

Nothing else really going on. I installed a new system last night for a client. I need to make a cd of the old computer (Windows 3.1) and move all of that data over to the new system. At work I moved some files over to Dreamweaver. A purchase order is on its way and the trial version is working nicely until then. I downloaded a few “FrontPage to Dreamweaver” extensions yesterday to see if it would publish like it should. Haven’t had time to test it.

I never thought that I would ever do a webpage on Anthrax….actually I thought I would do one on the band before I did one on the disease. I put together a nice info page at the Hutcheson site. Nice information. I’ve found a ton of information on military websites about Anthrax and how the U.S. military is prepared. CDC documents are a great source of information and there are a lot of studies on the effects. Very interesting. Very scary.

I was driving home last night and trying not to cry about the sad shape of rock & roll, when my “seek” button moved to the local pop station where this male D.J. was talking about the Backstreet Boys and an O Town song…he said he knows all about O Town. WTF? This guy is either gay or a good actor. I don’t think that any reasonable straight male can honestly say that he knows about Boy Bands. If he does, he really needs to hand in his masculinity. Radio is just sad now…the local rock station is playing Matchbox 20 like they’re Led Zeppelin or something. I get tired of hearing Dave Matthews, Blink182, and that damn Nickleback song. I’ve been listening to the local PBS station, heavy heavy rock, and classic rock. I really wish that new New Order CD was doing better and maybe I could hear a nice single from it…or a new single from Radiohead….or or or….some good band. Unfortunately, I’m ready to rock…but modern radio isn’t.

It’s all part of the bigger issue of my musical tastes. I have strange tastes…I like Zappa, Tool, King Crimson, all while I like the Smiths, Cake, Barenaked Ladies, Richard Thompson, Angie Aparo, and Incubus. I either like mellow music or really heavy music. The new Tool CD rocks, it’s in my CD player along side Richard Thompson. It’s like a strange recipe that you get from some neauveau chef. The name is strange, it’s served with a potato, but it’s damn good. And if you understand what I’m talking about, please seek medical advice.

I actually made a long journal entry today, but it’s way too long. So, I’m going to use it tomorrow…