Street cred is huge Oh

October 26, 2001

Street cred is huge

Oh how I hate evaluation time. I had my evaluation today. I scored well and I get a small raise sometime soon. Part of my evaluation was to talk about goals for the year. I wasn’t able to get my goals accomplished, unfortunately. But, they were unobtainable (unknowingly by me) due typical company issues. Other goals were needed and I accomplished those. I have new goals for 01-02. I have a lot of technology and a lot of web-ing to do. The technology front will be nice. New technology and hospitals don’t normally go well together….actually web technology. Hospitals are very good at adapting to digital imaging, high-speed connections, VPNs, and networking, but involving the web a lot of hospitals have been very slow to adapt. The costs involved are really huge and unless you go the open source route, they will stay that way.

If I did the hospital’s web over, I would try to have more open-source (free) software behind the scenes. If we would have been able to setup a Linux or NT box with Apache & Perl, I could have more options than what I do now. More than likely I would outsource the hosting. Not really as a Microsoft vs. Linux mentality, but also for security. Hosting companies…well…host and don’t have to think about a lot of things other than making sure that Perl and PHP work and the security is tight. No offense to the staff, but I know they have a lot more to work on than my web servers. The web server isn’t as important as a nurse’s computer or a unit’s hub and I surely don’t expect that my server should be 1st on the list (it shouldn’t be). I don’t really have the time anymore to actually sit and install software at the server. I could easily FTP in and chmod a few directories under Linux while I work on a report or some research. I would use a system like NewsPro for the headlines and would use really nice email scripts for my job applications. I have a few running off of my server that process better than what I’ve been running off of NT.

I read an interesting article today about anthrax in middle America. I pretty much disagree with the story. People are calling in white power like it is going out of style. Hospitals are meeting and planning for something big. People get worried when new school books have corn starch on them. They knew that and they still had it tested.

oh…more testing