unauffaellig 3am is not the

October 27, 2001


3am is not the time to study the W3 HTML 4.01 Specifications …the words are blurring together. Even my cat’s asleep. I am trying to clean up this page and I hope to have an actual W3 validated paged real soon now. I’ve been diving into the code to clean up what Dreamweaver puts in. I still like Dreamweaver and I like how it handles the code much better than FrontPage.

Niki and I had a good evening. We cooked and my mom came over unexpectedly and we talked and laughed. We also finished the main part of our invitations. We now just need to print the map that is on our wedding page or make a new one for the insert card. The apartment is clean, stocked with food, and is very very quiet.

Wow it is really hard to type this late at night.


You’re welcome, Amy . I think I found her page through Evhead and really liked her writing style, so I added her to my journal/blog list.