For Those About to Rock,

October 29, 2001

For Those About to Rock, We Salute You

Spent most of this weekend working on a new{.liinternal}, compliant, version of [warning it still has some coding to make it 1.0]. It looks nice and maybe it will be online within the next week. It’s possibly the best coding I’ve done and is HTML and CSS compliant. I like it and with all of my efforts with the current version, this next version is nice. I’m slowly incorporating CSS into the main design. Eventually the riv@ page will be on the same level.

Sunday we had a nice lunch with Niki’s sister and brother and his future wife. Nice lunch and some funny conversation. The drive was nice and when we got back we watched the World Series. I’ve never seen a AZ Diamondback game before and didn’t know how well Johnson pitched. I’m not pulling for the Yankees, never have never will.

I’m home now and it’s late and I’m very very tired. Ziggy is crawling around my desk and trying to paw my hand. So, I’m taking that as my cue to finish typing.