The Urge… I haven’t been

November 1, 2001

The Urge

I haven’t been in the mood to write recently. I really don’t have a lot to type about. With the wedding and more “head down” work, trying to finally discover CSS, I’ve been consuming more brain power studying and working than trying to think of something to write about. Well that is a good thing, but I almost feel guilty. I’ve tried to keep a daily journal and I know I am the only one who is demanding this on myself. I’m still going to keep this journal, but more of the focus will be on my wedding, my (soon-to-be) wife, my family, my job, my other job ( riv@), and life in general. When I want to talk, I will. Just I don’t feel like talking right now. Some “Very Good Things“™ are happening soon….stay tuned.

30 Days and Counting!!!!