…Talking In Esperanto I don’t

November 2, 2001

…Talking In Esperanto

I don’t know if I said this earlier in the week, but is it November already? Wow, this year has really flown by. The early half of this year sucked and the end will be great. Let’s see, I started off discovering that I was a diabetic with a bad thyroid problem. I’ve had to go through rehab because of a pulled muscle in my knee. But it turned around when I asked Niki to marry me. A few little problems have come up, but nothing that would make me run away. I am confident that the end of 2001 will be better than how it started or how 2000 ended.

I was talking to a friend who left in December 2000, and it is really hard to realize that it has been a year. Big changes at work, big changes in my life, and big changes in the world. Wow. To me, I can look back and know that I’ve had an almost total lifestyle change. Since I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and put on medication, I can tell that I can have a normal life and actually have an explanation about my bouts with depression and energy levels…and even my moods and temper. I though I was a lot better when I left my old job. My temper was better, my emotions were ok, and I was more relaxed. Then my thyroid meds showed me how much better I could be. It’s almost time to get a higher dosage, and it will be nice to be hyper again 🙂 . I drove my mom crazy when I first started taking my medicine. I had energy and I think I was talking at about 2000mph. My main choir after the wedding is to go to the doc, start exercising again, and start on a diet again. Everything should be calm by then, and I’ll actually have the time to cook everyday.

I’m not too happy with the new design process…It looks great in IE, but looks bad in Mozilla and Opera. That is almost scary about how a standards compliant html file looks like it should in IE, but doesn’t in the other browers. I use Opera and instead of Mozilla, I’ve been using a Mozilla-based browser, K-Meleon. The page shows gaps and renders some of the table poorly. I had a standard stylesheet in the actual html code, but I’ve used TopStyle to make an independent css file to hold all of the CSS information. Works well. This would also allow me to change the site’s layout without having to completely re-code the file. I can just use CSS and render everything differently. More deep thinking and planning about the next generation of mkelley.net…

Oh and my childhood hero, Pooh, is 70 .