Time & Pressure Very nice

November 4, 2001

Time & Pressure

Very nice weekend. Niki and I went to her Brother’s wedding. It was one of the nicest if not the best wedding I’ve been to. Everything came together really nicely. Congratulations to them both. With Niki being in the wedding, we went to the rehearsal dinner on Friday. The dinner was at “The Melting Pot”, it’s a fondue restaurant. Some of the best food I’ve ever had, some of the best cheesecake I’ve had….if you’re in the Atlanta area go and try the teriyaki steak in the vegetable broth. You will love it. Saturday’s reception meant nice candlelight room, dancing, good food, and good company. My feet are sore from dancing.

The trip was initially planned as drive down, go to event, return, lather/rinse/repeat. We did that Friday and we wound up paying for it Saturday morning. We got in before 1am and we had to get up at 8, drive to Niki’s house for some errands, and then back down to Atlanta at 2. When we got down there we decided to stay the night. I really recommend Hilton. Everyone I’ve been to have been great. Nice rooms and Nice staff. We traveled over 500 miles in a 36 hour time span.

The Diamondbacks won!!!