But the skin graft man

November 6, 2001

But the skin graft man won’t get you

Everything has been very hectic around here. I have way too many things to do at work and we worked our butts off at home to get our invitations out on time. So, if you are expecting a Wedding Invitation, you will receive it in the next few days. If I haven’t emailed you for your address, please send it to me and I’ll get you an invitation.

This new K-Meleon browser is a vast improvement over the older versions. I think this will wind up being my main browser, since this seems more stable and easier than Opera. Plus it’s Mozilla based…

I was reading kottke.org and Jason also has a TiBook lust , and like me would sellout in order to get one. I’m going to make the same offer. This site also gets a good bit of traffic, and I would love to write about web design on a new Apple G4 Powerbook or iBook SE Graphite. For exchange of a new machine or software, I will prominently place your company’s logo and/or banner ad at the top and bottom of every content page of this site. If I get enough “sponsors” I will have a special sponsor block featured on this page. So, what will your company get out of this deal? 2000-3000 Hits per month minimum with targeted marketing. Most of the people who visit this page are in need of a nice computer, just like me. And what better way than to show an “Average Joe” writing about your product. I will also put a sponsor logo on the riv@ homepage and the safety website safetyplace.org as well. Interested? email sponsor@mkelley.net or adsales@rivaweb.com