Acoustic Kitty Well, the new

November 7, 2001

Acoustic Kitty

Well, the new version of{.liinternal} is almost complete. I have some small matters, like adding the ALT tags back so I can get HTML complient again. It loads really well and looks good in almost all browsers, haven’t tried Konquor so I don’t know about it, but IE5 for Mac and Windows, Opera, and Mozilla loads everything correctly. I’m going to make the switch this weekend. I had a nagging problem that kept me from adding it this past Monday. For some reason, the lower half of the journal section was black. I couldn’t figur it out. I then changed all of the side tables white and hit F12 to see how it looked in the browser. I had a small 1×1 table that was throwing all of that off. It’s fixed, but I broke a few things in the meantime.

{sigh} still no takers on the sponsorship offering…

This looks like it will be an interesting movie and soundtrack. I never was a Beatles fan growing up, but in the past 7 years, I have really grown to enjoy their music. I am more of a Lennon fan, but I did grow up like McCartney.

I am so glad that “good” music from the 80’s is coming back. Nothing like a soundtrack with The Smiths, New Order, & Jackson Browne being covered.

I turn 28 years old in exactly one month from today. If you are thinking of a birthday present or even Christmas gift for me…pick something off of Niki’s and my registry list at Target .