v2.0 Ok, This is the

November 8, 2001


Ok, This is the new design for mkelley.net. All of the content menus have moved from the top right to the left of the screen. This was done for accessibility reasons. The Links and Journals pages have been moved from the right to the left and my journal archive has been moved below everything else. Also you might notice a small link at the bottom, that is the link for my design notes page. Eventually we will test new designs on that page. That page will show the beta of the next version (v2.5) before this one will.

This page is CSS verified and the design is HTML 4.01 Transition verified, it will not validate while I have the blogger text. The design works, it’s just a Blogger issue. This verifies a lot better than trying to use NewsPro.

Why oh why am I writing this while the “Dancing Bin Laden’s” are on Leno? Where is my remote….I can’t work while Jay Leno is in the background. Not funny.

Other things I am working on

I am working on a new page for riv@ entitled “woody”. It will look nice, almost like a wood panel dashboard.

A new music site entitled generation:generic . I’ve had this domain for a while, but I really like trying to get the music news all in one place.