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November 9, 2001


I feel like I almost won a prize yesterday. For a comment I made on /., I got a 5….Karma over 10…yeah! I normally remember those type of things better, but It must have been in an older Wired or something else.

The mind trick diabetes does on you is hard to explain. Low blood sugar is bad for “current” thinking, i.e. conversational discussions and just thoughs and work in general. Occasionally, I have a hard time thinking about things I use to remember. I haven’t tried it in a while, but once I forget rock trivia, I’m going to see what can be done. I did pretty well watching Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy, so not all is lost.

I hope everyone here likes the new design. I have one thing that I wanted to implement, but wasn’t able to. Maybe in v2.1. actually this page, if it was a software program, would be v.5.2 or v.5.5. Most of my attention now, it to see if any “funky” things happen in different browsers, I haven’t fired up VMWare and tried Netscape or Mozilla under RedHat, but that will be one of the things I’m doing this weekend. Another part of my attention will go to “woody”, or the next version of the Riv@ page. It’s going to look really nice and should be online this weekend. After that, I will dedicate time to design a nice page for GenerationGeneric.


It is weird, I finally have Dreamweaver at work too so I am in the process of bastardising my FrontPage-created site, by importing it into Dreamweaver with an FP import extention. Pretty cool stuff. It looks like a FrontPage site imported into Dreamweaver and using the “Put” command in Dreamweaver via the FrontPage extentions on the server is a lot quicker than using FrontPage and it’s internal publish command. There are somethings I miss, like the import command. I like being able to import a folder from my desktop into my FrontPage Web. I really like Dreamweaver, but I wish I could have a toolbar instead of the floating menus, they just get into my way. I wish Photoshop would do the same thing. I try to avoid Photoshop 6 when I can. I’m sorry, but I just like 5.0 better. I have a new system to build, and it might just have 6 on it, so I can break my 5.0 addiction.

Computers, ah computers. I haven’t talked a while about my systems. I haven’t made any progress on my new system. I need to hack a case to put it in, the case is painted and ready, but I don’t have the tools. I’m also getting, courtsey of Reed , an Apple PowerMac 6100. These things can run Linux and with a G3 upgrade can run MacOS 9.1. It might just be my Linux machine. I subscribe to the “PPCLinux on NuBus” list and it is more active than what I initially thought. I have all of the intstructions there. I have a 4gb Drive that is going in that machine and if I can win that G3 upgrade for $30 I’ll have a cool machine.

That also brings up another subject, housecleaning. I am about to throw out a sh!+load of computer cables and parts so we can have a nice storage room. I’ve been meaning to see two machines on ebay.

Wow, to hear your name via a computer.

I don’t talk about my faith much (or religion in general), but when I see a story like this one, I really feel that there are good people going “The Lord’s Work” among us. Good story, good read.**Father Mychal Judge – The Firemen’s Friar **

Good days, bad days, but never a boring day on this job. You do what God has called you to do. You show up, you put one foot in front of the other, and you do your job, which is a mystery and a surprise. You have no idea, when you get in that rig, what God is calling you to. But he needs you . . . so keep going

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