Road Apples Well Niki and

November 11, 2001

Road Apples

Well Niki and I went to the Grand Opening of the new Best Buy in town. I am so glad I turned down the job with them, other than a $5,000-6,000 pay cut, I would have had to deal with days like this one. They were packed, and we had some inexperienced casher who was about to charge me twice. Wow it was packed. The parking lot was filled, completely. It took a long time to get in. The selection was your typical computer fare…HPs, Compaqs, and Cheap Cases. No Macs. I think I really want a CompUSA now. They have everything and are a bit more knowledgeable than the people I had to deal with. Most are teenagers who know about PCs, but not really much about anything else. I got blank stares when I asked about Linux or Macs.

I am trying to find a nice CSS book. I’ve looked and haven’t found anything worth my cash. I might just have to download most of Eric Costello’s site and anything else I can find. I looked back at an old HTML book and I really got something out of it. They talked briefly on CSS, and it was really informative. Maybe I can look more for some older books with little bits in them.

I will be busy in the coming weeks, I have one system ordered, one system spec’ed out, and a consulting gig for a small office. This will be some much needed money and more of my time. I’m not complaining, I would rather do this than a lot of things. If you need similar work, I am cheap.

Most of today has been spent reading. Reading and watching soccer and street louge. Actually TV was more of a background ambiance, I was into reading, but occasionally I would look up to catch some minutes from the USA soccer game. I played soccer (futbol) for years and really was hoping that when I got to High School I could play again. When I went to HS in the late 80’s-early 90’s they were more into the three boring sports (football, baseball, basketball). A soccer team formed when I was a Senior, but I was out of shape and needed to work.