Iraqis in Khakis I have

November 12, 2001

Iraqis in Khakis

I have spent most of the day trying to redesign a site that should be powered by a database. Right now we’re going to use static pages, but the site is ready when that time comes. The new design I’m working on is an adaptation from Eric Costello’s CSS site over at The new site will be based on a design that looks like the ALA site. Seems to work well, and will be quite different.

The TV was on all day at work. We didn’t watch much, but I tried feedroom a couple of times to get new updates. The unedited footage online is better than anything.

I watched “Saving Private Ryan” again last night. The footage of when the little translator guy, Corporal Upham, is in the village and the buildings are coming down. The smoke and dust was way too realistic. It reminded me of 9.11. I can appreciate this movie more, because of this. Way too real. I remember the first time I saw it. I was in Statesboro visiting friends and we went to go see it. We sat in there with some WWII veterans who said some good things about the movie. I remember leaning over to my friend, who is a German major, and asked what they were saying. I think his remark was, “Quiet Down! Are you trying to get me killed?”. He didn’t want any trouble. I think he was a little leery of that Vet snapping his head off with a judo chop. Same vet passed me and my friend on the way to his Karma Ghia when the Vet asked if, “This was one of those new bugs?” We just smiled and said yes and drove off.