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November 13, 2001

LCD iMacs in January ? Possibly. I really wish that Apple would get on the ball and release some new systems. From the sounds of the MacOS Rumors’ article, it sounds like they’re ready, but Motorola isn’t. I think I’ve said this before, my next “New” system will be an Apple. Why? BSD/Darwin goodness, sturdy systems, stability. I really want my next system to be a laptop. I like them, and really use it for what I need. The PowerBooks, past and present, just rock. I’ve decided to stick with my main system, and to sell the 450mhz I’m building. I’ll sell it cheap.

I’m still working on a new site for Premier. It is in CSS and isn’t that bad. I’m trying to make it a little different than the site it’s based on, but I have to say that the layout is great for what I’m doing. Mainly color changes. If the files I copy the data from don’t stop putting tags like this one , I’m going to break something. I’m so sick of Microsoft adding html and xml capabilities to their standard products. Excel’s “Save to Web Page” component, sticks so many xml comments and style tags in each document, I have to spend more time cleaning those out that doing the actual work. I have a patch that I installed in Word2k that cleans up the html and DreamWeaver has a nifty tool that does the same thing.

We’re paying our final payment for the chapel, today. I never knew a nice chapel cost so much. But it costs aren’t that bad when you consider that we’re getting a reception hall, photos, pastor, video, music, and some other things I can’t remember. I found out that Doug is also getting married there.

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