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November 15, 2001


Some things just need to be read [via curry.com ]


” ‘Pipe bomb’ scare creates quite a buzz _ ”

I have a rather nasty problem with Dreamweaver. I can’t get my FrontPage Import extension to work. I had problems with the extension manager, so I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Extension manager works again, but I can’t get the FP to work. I reloaded all of my extensions and it still will not allow my site to publish to a FrontPage site. My other nasty problem is being able to remove Word2k tags and CSS pasted from a chart. I’m going to snoop around Excel to see if I can stop that from happening. It’s very annoying.

I purchased an Ad space on Blogger [screenshot{.liinternal} ]. Again, I want to support a good site and get some traffic over here. And like my post yesterday about MeFi, if this works, riv@ will also have some ads.