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November 16, 2001

Tangled Web We Weave

Anyone Want to Buy an Apple Macintosh Iisi ? Anyone want to buy my first computer ? I’m selling these system make room in my apartment. My goal is to get down to two computers.

Some local news:

“_Charmaine West Says TV Series “Ruined My Life _”

favorite quote : “How could they distort, lie and try to destroy me just to get their ratings up?”

Well apparently, it didn’t work too well. At one point their newscast was getting beat out by reruns of “The Simpsons” and “Seinfeld”. Which is sad, because they have a really good newscast. I like WDEF’s news better than some. It’s just that in a small market like Chattanooga, they don’t have their niche. They do have the best website of the local TV stations.

This case is an interesting one. A reporter gets wind of some “impropriety” going on in the courtroom, follows the head of a “Alternative Probation” business down to Florida where her condo was next to one of the local judge’s. Both had families there, but what was interesting was the sleazy way they were trying to insinuate an affair between Charmaine West and the judge. The woman was with her child and the judge was with his wife. They really played upon the “vacationing together” parts and insinuations. Now, this woman is distraught and I think should win the case. It was a low form of journalism and pretty much done to get ratings. It was initially a pretty boring story. It was ran during sweeps and probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day any other time.

One thing they did wrong was criticizing the judgeship. Judge Shattuck pretty much stated that , “a reflection on our entire court. It implied something illegal, something underhanded – bribery almost ” (quote from Chattanoogan.com best darn news site in Chattanooga). At one point, one of the news room assistants called the condo to try to get the Judge’s wife to leave, so that they could photograph the Judge and Ms. West. Pretty sleazy if you ask me. And the assistant alleged that the judge’s wife was edited out of some shots. That is a pretty easy thing to do, I do it occasionally for photos we send into the paper. Except, I might remove lens flares, arms of people behind the photo’s subject, and other weirdness. Also, side note, the newsroom assistant is now suing the news station for sexual harassment.

This case is more interesting than the story involved.

Things, I happen to find funny:

– Seeing a “The Truth ” worker smoke at the truth.com bus at SixFlags .

– a cat jumping higher than your head, trying to get a green feather

– $50 for a simple cake topper.

– tech stocks

this <

– and this

There is an interesting discussion thread over at Flutterby about Weblogs. In the old days, conversations took place over multiple sites. Like I would say something here and over at another site, they would comment back. Quite a good bit of conversation on this. I know some of my webfriends would run little inside jokes and I would post little ones back (Jake Hallman, you still there? Get off Delphi and get a journal). I do miss some of that, but as you get more into this community of webloggers, bloggers, journalist, etc, you tend to find more little jokes and conversations. I think daynotes.com or .org is great, because the embrace this. Comments from the back channel and emails wind up as topics. Conversations go from one daynoter to another.