Bugs was Right I must

November 17, 2001

Bugs was Right

I must have mistakenly took my clumsy medicine instead of my normal medicine, because I fell, had things fall on me, and just had some bad luck yesterday. I was walking back from an employee event celebrating being the 1st place community hospital in Georgia. I had a bunch of balloons in my hand and walked back along the woods near my office, I stepped down and slipped on some rocks/acorns/squirrels and scratched the hell out of my hand. It’s ok, but it hurt like hell. Then I was trying to get some photos of computers together, when the lamp fell on my face. One of those office desk lamps, came down and caught me on the side of the nose. I’m still sore, but just a small bloody scratch. Then, I lost an auction by $.50. Everything else was ok. One of my clients was getting a boot error on their new computer. I believe that it might have been cockpit error, but I ran tests and got everything running well. It booted up when I turned it on.


More news…</b>

– I’m not a big fan of dumb drivers. “Tractor Trailer Goes Up Lookout – Smashing Cars

Apparently, this Truck Driver thought he could get around the bad traffic effecting I-24 and just go up ole’ Lookout Mountain. It’s a bad drive for normal cars and this a-hole just goes up the mountain, smashing cars and keeps on going. I hope they catch this guy and fine the s*&% out of him and his company.

Dumb Football Fan, “Let me get this straight, you forget your camera bag so you run past security and cause multi-million dollars in lost flights and stocks loss?” I nominate this gentleman for the Darwin awards. Actually I think his reward would be to stand at the entrance and accept the taunts of those who’s flights were delayed and who lost money in the stock market because of him. Almost like the old stockades. What a ma-roon.

_Music news…</i>

Atlantic Records dropped Collective Soul, Poe, and Tori Amos from their label. [scroll down toward the end] I think Collective Soul has been the more successful of the three, but Tori has the biggest, most loyal fan-base of the three. I can think of a few band that should have been dropped instead: Bif Naked, she’s had one mediocre hit and nothing else. Jewel, had one popular album (like Amos), but the rest were not as successful. Bush…grunge is over, ok. They’re not gonna sell as much as “16th Stone”. That would be like trying to sell a new “Warrant” CD in 1994. Duncan Sheik…good singer and writer, but the albums aren’t selling. The fan base of these four artists isn’t as big as two of the three they axed. I think I would go the independent route, more money for the artist and more money for the label. It’s more personal with a label like Mammoth and some of the ones that sprang up in the mid-90s. I think actually that Atlantic owned part of Mammoth at one time. I remember that one of my friends had a group that was picked up by Mammoth, but they couldn’t get any decent distribution, until Atlantic came in.</p>