Visions Beyond Five Years Are

November 18, 2001

Visions Beyond Five Years Are Worthless

Had a really good day yesterday. I tried out the new X-Box…didn’t like it. I wasn’t impressed. The game was really slow, and fed off of the disk a lot slower than my Dreamcast. Graphics were ok, I like the Dreamcast’s better and the PS2’s also. I don’t think the X-Box is any competition. I purchased the Dreamcast because it has great graphics, built-in modem, and I just happen to like it better than the Nintendo. The built-in modem is interesting…I connected it to my account and used the Web Browser CD and voila, I had a WebTV. It was a neat experiment. The lack of a keyboard sucked, but they can be purchased. It would be a nice item to have in a truly wired living room. This site looked almost the same, aside from the hearts beside the wedding countdown.

Phil, the best man in my wedding, came in from out of town and we had a really nice dinner and introduced him to the evils of “Tony Hawk Pro Skater”. We wound up playing it for about 4 hours. It’s one of those games that I can only play occasionally, because it is addictive. We got my tux paid off and we also received our first wedding gift, a very nice Christmas tree ornament.

We’re getting excited about the wedding, matter-of-fact, as I am typing this she is having a Bridal Shower Tea. We have been trying to finish up some final things, and as always it’s the little things that bite. We go to the courthouse tomorrow, to get the marriage license.

This also sums up my problems while I was in school…