Turkey Talk No one wants

November 21, 2001

Turkey Talk

No one wants to buy my old Mac? My other auctions are doing well, maybe I’ll be able to just get these old computer out of my house. I think I could sell the monitor for more than the system itself. I think if this doesn’t sell, then I’m going to get an external CD-ROM and larger hard drive and reinstall System 7.5.1 and make that all one giant package.

I’m not updating my journal until this weekend. I have some work to do and I just really want to get away from the internet for a few days. Next week should be fairly normal, but because of everything going on (Wedding, New Computer Install, other matters), Monday or Wednesday will be my last post for about a week and a half. My wedding is on the 1st, Birthday on the 7th, and back to work on the 10th. I’m going to return from the “Honeymoon Hiatus” on December 8th.

What A Dork [via Metafilter]

There was a flap in late October about Microsoft’s decision to block non-Microsoft browsers from viewing msn.com and related sites. They say that their decision was to push users to use W3C standard compliant browsers and that Mozilla, Opera, and others are not. Well, the wonderful gang at “A List Apart” debunks this .

_“…of the 63 documents tested, only 10 declared what version of HTML they were written in.”

“…on the date of the study, none of the 63 documents on MSN�s home page was valid according to W3C specifications.”_

I am growing to dislike Microsoft more and more…FrontPage pretty much destroys good HTML coding and then when they pull s*&# like this, no wonder they are hated{.liinternal}.


Sorry, but I have to say a strong no on the monkey intestinal coffee. Look, I don’t even care how good they say it is. If I was a coffee drinker, even one with a high caffeine addiction, there is no way in hell I could drink something “shat” by a monkey. It’s really the idea of the coffee berries being..er..extracted through a monkey. Icky.</p>