This Post Brought to You By Copyright Infringement

November 24, 2001

Most of my day was spent working around the house, on a client’s computer and off site at a client’s house. Niki and I later went to WallyWorld to make some nice copies of my baby photos. The nice Kodak machine works well, really fast and simple. But as we were about to cash out, the sales hag said that all professional photos were copyrighted and we wouldn’t be able to purchase the scanned photos that I held in my hands…She said that the gentleman at the register would take care of me….oh hell yeah he did. We were prepaired to fight this. I thought about this in the line, the little boy in the Kodak comercial who blows up his Grandma’s Baseball photo was violating the copyright that they are trying to enforce. If it is older than 75 years, it doesn’t fall under the laws, and a Woman’s baseball photo wasn’t older than that. So as this is going through my mind and as I was feeling my blood boil, the salesguy came up, rang it up and sent me on my merry way. Didn’t flinch, just passed it threw. So, Mike : 1 Wal-Mart : 0 . Somehow I felt odd….was the saleswoman just f-ing with me? Anyway, I got what I set out to do and no one had to die.

Thanks to Reed, I now have a nice 6100 PowerMac. It runs well and I plan on keeping it a while. I typed a few hundred words on it and it really isn’t too slow. Word works well and I can’t wait to get it online. It came with a monitor, aaui to 10-Base-T converter, weird 6100 video connector to Apple video connector, keyboard and mouse. It is sitting in my old office where I spent a few hours looking around the system and loading software. I plan on fully exploiting this system…