i don’t want a pony

November 27, 2001

i don’t want a pony anymore

(this was Monday’s post)

I did some tinkering on my 6100 last night. I uninstalled the DOS card when I first brought it home. I couldn’t get the system to start. I did get a chime but no picture. I swapped out the monitor (what a luxury it is having more than one Apple system) and still didn’t have a picture. Cracked open the machine and removed the DOS card. Everything booted. That was a conscience as it turned out, after a while of non use, 6100s take a while to warm up. My battery needs replacing, but that isn’t too difficult. I reinstalled the DOS card last night and started thinking about the memory. I had 16mb total, on two simms. Then I though, “Hey didn’t the 6100 come with 4mb built in?”. Actually it was 8mb built in. So I swapped the 8mb worth of simms for 16mb of simms, for a total of 24mb of RAM. Everything came up faster as was expected and it felt faster with some programs. I’m going to keep the system as-is for a while. I really want to play around with the DOS card before I do anything else.

I’ve been testing new pages with Netscape 4.03 and CSS renders, but not too well. I want to use one of the “To Hell With Old Browsers” script, but I believe that would be perceived as “militant” to the people I’m working on this for. I might just put up a link to a Browser page that has links to Opera, K-Meleon, Netscape, IE, and Konquerer.

I also have another system in route…I got another PowerComputing clone cheap on ebay. I’m planning on cleaning it up, adding a larger hard drive from my stock and more memory. It looks exactly like the PowerWave I had but it’s called a PowerCenter. Same exact case except this one is a 150mhz. Funny, I’m actually going to have more AppleOS machines than PCs. If I could get a G3 upgrade cheap, I would use this as my main machine. But its soul purpose is to be resold. I have about 3 other systems that will be sold when i return from my honeymoon.

Top Secret Weather Report.

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