he just smiled, and gave

November 28, 2001

he just smiled, and gave me a Vegemite sandwich…

I’ve had two emails from people effected with the badTRANS virus. I saw some warnings on Jerry Pournelle’s website and on some other forums. I’ve never been hit with a mail virus at my home system. My security is tight and on high so even Outlook is secure. I first knew something was strange when my Bellsouth webmail wouldn’t open the email. Then I downloaded it, and scanned the contents. It was trying to put a file with the extension mp3.scr. I deleted it permanent and checked to see if I had the bad DLL files. I’m ok, but I don’t want to fall victim. InoculateIT has always worked well for me, when others have let virus’ through or wouldn’t remove the virus’. They also update almost everyday.

I found this little journal entry from someone who has recently had to deal with close family members reading her journals. I forget where I got the link from, but once I read it, I can see where she is coming from. It’s strange to think here I am, searchable on about 100 search engines with my daily life, all though not everything, online and I get at least 2000-5000 hits per month and I get a strange feeling knowing people I actually see in person, read this journal. I put things in here that I don’t care who knows. Like I said in a few earlier journals, “There are some things that either because of personal or professional confidentiality, must stay off line“. I stand by that. Not to say that what I type isn’t important, but for the most part it really isn’t. It’s just “blogging about everything and nothing”. But deep down, it really changes your writing. It’s more of an unconscious thought as opposed to self-censoring. I think everyone who does a blog/journal/etc experiences the same calling of writers block that actual writers get. There are weeks where I really don’t want to type anything, but yet I do. I might write an entry only to delete it when I re-read it before it’s uploaded. I’ve noticed that a lot of people who started when I did, have either scaled back or completely shut down their journals. I’m not thinking about either, so don’t worry. Like most of my life, I just take it one day at a time. I really don’t see this journal ending anytime soon.

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