as of 9pm….40 Hours Until

November 29, 2001

as of 9pm….40 Hours Until Mike and Niki Get Married!

Pullin’ the Sleigh

Something is very odd, when it’s almost December and it’s 60 degrees when I wake up. Last week I had frost on my windows. It’s been raining around here and that has me worried. It should clear up by tomorrow (Friday). We’re going to Savannah on our honeymoon and on the WSAV site it says that the weather is going to be in the mid-60’s and 70’s. Ahh, I guess I need to pack some shorts as well, huh?

Has seemed slower than MeFi lately? They have a beautiful version of Slashcode, but does it handle the amount of visitors? Eventually, this site might move to something like PHPNuke . I’m thinking about it, but for now, no. Once I am able to make this design work in a normal PHPNuke theme, it should be a piece of cake. I like this design, for now I can’t find anything wrong with it. Most of my designs are setup where it would be fairly easy to insert a content management system (CMS). I think once I get a better grasp of CSS and PHPNUke this will be great.

Why does this remind me of Dr Evil’s layer?

Thank God I didn’t get cable internet