Quick update today…it’s 10am and

November 30, 2001

Quick update today…it’s 10am and 27 hours until Niki and I get married. It’s already been busy, I’m off today and had to run to work to get the magical vacation check, deposit that and run back home. I am tired from last night’s Christmas Tree Lighting at work (that’s where the new image came from). My poor feet didn’t do too well. Anyway, the most asked question this week has been, “So are you getting nervous?”. Not really, Niki and I talked about this and it’s more of a calm. Sure there is a lot of things to do, mainly little things, but we both want to get this over with. Everything is falling into place, cakes getting decorated, flowers finished, reservations in order. Today I pick up my Tux and I hopefully won’t have to put up a rant on my wedding day about it. We’re having our “rehearsal dinner”. We’re having our rehearsal tomorrow, so this is more of a fellowship dinner. Laid-back meal with everyone and hopefully it will get everyone into the right mindset for tomorrow.

Yesterday was really strange….I don’t know if fate was playing a strange game with me, but I ran into about 8 people who I haven’t seen since high school. Lots of old friends who I’ve lost contact with. Some I really miss and others that it was a nice to just see them. Wow. It was also strange to tell them, “yeah I’m getting married in 48 hours”.