longing to become Came back

December 10, 2001

longing to become

Came back to work today….reluctantly I should add. It’s hard taking a week off and having a really really good time and then returning to work. It was cold and dark today as opposed to the nice warm sunny weather we had last week. My friend in the office beside me was moved to another building, so it was very quiet around the office. So far, I hate being back. The Honeymoon spoiled me. We went from getting up at 10-ish to getting up at 7am. I haven’t had to deal with morning traffic in about a week so I definitely need to drink some caffeine before I leave.

It’s time to look for another apartment. We’re deciding to either stay in the current one but move to the newer and larger section or go somewhere else. We also decided to get either DSL or Cable in the next apartment. We live in a two bedroom apartment now, but the second bedroom is used mainly as storage (drums, computers, other stuff). If we go to the larger one bedroom, most of what we have in storage will be trashed, except for the drums. The one we are looking at is about $5 more per month. We’re also going to look at some other places. We want to stay in Tennessee until we can get a house hopefully in about 18-24 months. I’m also going to go back to school. I haven’t decided what school exactly, either a university or a Qwest Program. Hopefully everything will sort out in the next few weeks.

Computers still suck. I have two working Mac systems now, a 6100 and a PowerComputing (PowerCC) PowerCenter 150. Both run well and I would hate to sell either of them. The 6100’s problem is with MacTCP. I don’t know the problem, I’m trying everything I know but I can’t get it to connect to the network. I can see my Win2k system ping the 6100 on both the Hub and the Ether-to-AAUI adapter, but I don’t get a response on the ping. System 7.6.1 is better than 7.5, but I would rather it run OS8.1. My main idea is to make this a dedicated linux box using the instructions on the NuBUS-PPCLinux list. If this doesn’t work, then it will be a writing machine or possibly Niki’s computer. It works well for email and internet, plus the word processor works well too. The PowerCC system is almost as nice as my previous PowerWave. It doesn’t have as many DIMM slots, but it is faster. It’s also running more memory, 160mb of ram. If I can get a cheap G3 card, this will be my main machine. Modems can be cheap, but I’m going to just use the Win2k modem sharing utility. I still need a Windows PC for burning cds and scanning.

I have some demented thoughts about painting the 6100 to look like a NeXt Slab and purchasing NeXT logos off of eBay (or scanning a few). If Linux will work, I could run AfterStep and play a few tricks on people. Just an idea, and I’ll post it here if I do it.

I’ve thought about this too.

One of our wedding gifts was a nice DVD Player from my best man/best friend Phil and his wife Julie. So this weekend we fired up the DVD and rented “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?”, “The Grinch” and “Dogma”. The Grinch was stupid, I watched about 20 minutes of it, before I started working in Dreamweaver. “O Brother” was just as great as when I originally saw it and had some nice features on the DVD. Dogma…I wasn’t fully expecting this to be as good as it is. I thought it would be funnier, but was a very good movie with some interesting bits. I hate Chris Rock, but he did really well in this movie. The DVD was cool, both of them. The Dogma SE had a DVD of just extras. I can’t wait until Kevin Smith’s version of Fletch come out. From what I read, it is based on earlier books…more like a prequel. I give O Brother and Dogma a “must see” and The Grinch a “Skip It”. I also installed a DVD drive in my PC, so I also tested everything out. I really like this new DVD thingie. Might make my VCR retired soon.