Summary of Last Week It

December 10, 2001

Summary of Last Week

It feels so nice to be back home. The wedding and honeymoon went better than I think we could ever ask. We spent our first night in the beautiful Read House in downtown Chattanooga. Nice big room, courtesy of my Uncle. Nice and quiet and near everything. We shipped out on Sunday morning for Savannah, Georgia. It was a nice ride, but once you hit I-16 it�s dead. Our hotel looked pretty bad on the outside, but we were right on River Street. The room was nice, quiet, but we will never stay in a Best Western again. We�ve stayed in 2 different Best Westerns and they have all been pretty bad. We stayed in on in-route to Florida, and found a snake in the sauna, the next one was pretty bad, and this one was nice, but very lacking. But, it was on River St.

We ventured out and went to Tybee Island, Georgia, Hilton Head, South Carolina and all points in between. It�s just a nice area around therte. On Monday we went to the Tybee lighthouse and museum. Wow, it�s tall. Just beautiful and we climbed up about 200 steps to the top. We went to the beach at Tybee and found some sanddollars and just enjoyed the sites. Nice quiet beach, not a lot of people. It was about 65-70 degrees, but the wind coming off of the Atlantic made it colder. On Tuesday, after trying to figure out what to do, we decided to make the short drive to Hilton Head. Hilton Head is a nice area, all of the buildings look-alike�Brown, tan and green color scheme. Every business from McDonalds and Wendy�s to Wal-Mart. Nice town. We decided to look at one of the �Plantations�. I though these were like the old antebellum plantations that were left over, but these are living communities. We had to purchase a $5 visitors pass and drove around. It�s a gated community with subdivisions of houses, apartment complexes, hotels, mini-malls, firestations and everything else. Nice if you can afford it. We have some photos of the largest yacht that Niki or I have ever seen.