Toby Wong…and other closed captions

December 11, 2001

Wow an early post from me….really early. Ok, there is a lot going on “behind the scenes” and things I can’t really talk about now, but it’s an interesting day. The possibilities are endless. Three things are moving together like a Tarantino movie and eventually Ving Rhames and Mr. Blue will pop out and let me know the ending.

I have a simple summary of what we did on the Honeymoon in yesterday’s post. I finally got my 6100 to network, but MacIE4.5 doesn’t like Blogger. I want to upgrade to 5.0, but I think I’ll try an older version of Netscape instead. Netscape worked fine on my other Mac. The 6100 wouldn’t ping, but once I got the ISP connection going to the internet, it started pinging. I pasted my honeymoon summary in Blogger, but the “post” button wasn’t visible. This is a slow computer, so browsing wasn’t exactly fast, but I’ll bet that once I go to an older Netscape browser, everything will be faster. I tried to get Cyberdog working, but I’m missing something. Maybe the evolt browser list has what I need.

I’m going to put up an archive of the “[Gamba]( ” site, since I can’t find it anymore. He/They had a giant bin file of everything and I think it’s such a good asset to old Mac users like myself that it will have a home. It will stay until I’m told to remove it.

[_mk: I did find another Gamba site at _]

[mk: my bin file is bad and I can’t find another copy of it.]