Thoughts about Rambling Reporters interest

December 12, 2001

Thoughts about Rambling

Reporters interest me. I have a few reporter friends and grew up with a couple and even in their young lives, I knew they were interesting people. One of the reasons I have Amy Langfield listed to the left, is because she opens that secret door inside what reporters worry about. Her husband for one has had his Jeep explode and was a kidnapping target . She is a really good read. I should have been a journalist. The class in school was taught by an elitist bull of a woman who left me no interest. I am a good listener and I think I am good at expressing my opinions and the story when I write.

One of my problems was, that I had no idea what I wanted to be “when I grow up”. I stumbled into Computers and the Web took off at the right time for me. I was taking Business, Marketing, and Computer courses and didn’t know anything about what I wanted to be. I think this all goes down the line of also having an interest in Law. I was steered away from being a lawyer, I was told that it’s not a profession that makes money. I really didn’t have any career mentors until I came to work at the hospital. My mom says I’m lucky to have as many mentors as I’ve had. But unfortunately, in my teens, I didn’t have anyone pushing me into a certain career. I worked for the YMCA for years. I was the youngest camp director in the Southeast. If I had stayed with the Y, I would have had a free ride to college. The Y offers a scholarship to a college in the Midwest for people who would like to become management in the YMCA.

I worked with children of all ethnic backgrounds and economics, and thought I would like to be a Social Worker. Then I met a social worker and they told me, “Don’t Do It”. They all had Master’s degrees and were only making $14k in 1990 money. I stayed with the Y for a few more years, fully intent on staying. I moved to a predominately Black/African-American YMCA and they had an interesting group called “The Black Achievers” or BA for short. The BA would assemble a group of young black teenagers on Saturday mornings and give them career advice. They would have a Policeman come in and talk about the job. They would also have groups that were split up by career interests. You would find out all about that job from someone in the community who did it. I remember the BA Director telling me, “I would rather have them make their mistakes now instead of going through 4 years of school only to find out that isn’t what they want to do”. I actually did some work for the BA’s, imaging a pale, white, kid talking to some very very smart kids about what I did. The BA’s were doing something that all schools should be doing…career counseling. How can we adequately prepare youth for the real world. We just send them to college and once they graduate, they expect to be the boss or make $40k a year. They don’t want to start from the bottom. The students coming out of the BA programs were more focused on what they would do than the average graduate. I suffered because I didn’t exactly get pulled in by a certain career. I didn’t know what careers were available. I wanted to be a musician. But I didn’t know that I could have also been a Foley artist , a writer, a lawyer, or a web designer.

In other news…I’m working on a computer deal for someone who just needs email and internet. They have an old Apple system. Haven’t looked at it yet, but she is going to give it to me for parts. Would be neat if it was an old SE or II. I’m putting a special system together, since she doesn’t want to spend a lot. I thought about selling this machine (knock knock) MadCow, but he is spiffy in a nice flat black paint scheme that looks a little too “badass” for a Grandmother. I’m going to build a nice simple tower system with the bare essentials. I thought about getting a Mac for her, or perhaps using the 6100, but for compatibility with other systems, I’m going to give her a PC. I really want to break away from that PC/Windows mentality, but it’s just not working when I broker systems.

I really need to scrub the PowerCC system down to bare metal. There are some funky slowdowns that drive me crazy. I’m going to install OS9 and install the 4gb drive and maybe that will take care of it. I tried Cyberdog on the 6100 and the key word is “Dog”. It really looks good and Opendoc works well, but it’s slow. The 6100 is from the Cyberdog era. I have more memory than the developers probably did and it is slooooo. I’ve installed Opera on the PowerCC machine since IE5 is crashing and will probably do so on the 6100 too. I really like how well it works on the Mac. Netscape is even working better so I know it’s time to tune up the machines :).

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