99.Trust is the biggest liability

December 13, 2001

99.Trust is the biggest liability of all.

I have to say that sometimes my inner Trekkie comes out. I have been reading, on & off, Wil Wheaton’s website and I have to say that he seems like a nice guy and is even more interesting since I’ve read the /. and Salon pieces and watched when he was on The Weakest Link. He has a Blogger entry about working on “Star Trek X”, that will wind up being the final TNG movie in the ST franchise. I liked his character and thought it was a good fit, but some Sci-Fi buffs, like…well my Mom really hated that he was on the show. Hated the fact that a military ship would never allow family members on board.

Some of his comments in the Salon piece show the two trains of thought about the character of Wesley…I never saw him as the “everyboy”, but I liked his involvement. I don’t see why that character was hated more than the character of Jake off of “Deep Space 9”. Jake and that little Ferengi pretty much ruined my enjoyment of DS9. I never watched “Voyager”, but I have watched a few episodes of “Enterprise”. I like it and would love to watch it more, if it came on at a decent hour. I am not a major Sci-Fi buff, the only show that I was ever “deeply” into was “Babylon 5”. I didn’t finish watching the first season, we moved and didn’t get the channel that carried it. I did watch from season 3 until the end and really liked the continuing stories and the character development. At the time, DS9 was actually playing catch-up and started implementing some of the B5 “features” like the continuing story and just some of the darker roles. I liked B5 because it showed that the characters had faults, vices, and were actually living as opposed to the ST world where they had some faults, but nothing too bad…like Kirk’s addiction to alien women and Uhura .

I’m looking into a replacement for PHPNuke . Safetyplace.org was cracked by a French cracker using a vulnerability I’ve only seen on French hacking/cracking sites. I’ll have the fix online when I figure it out (I’m removing all signs of phpnuke except the theme i created). Can’t really talk about it, but PHPNuke was the vulnerability, not Apache, FreeBSD, or MySQL (my host does a great job at security). This is the first time I’ve been hacked/cracked…and I even run WindowsNT servers at work. From what Google translated, the vulnerability only effects v5.2 and earlier. I’m going to see about the new 5.3 version or switching to PHPWebsite *{.liinternal}. The site is going to run dark for a while until the developers have their content ready, then we’ll go live with whatever solution I decide. I’ve been debating anyway about that site, before this happened. I actually want to dive into it but the documentation isn’t all that great, that’s why PHPwebsite has been looking idea for me. There are enough docs online to “hack” your system the way you want it. I might just Blogger-ise Safetyplace.org, but I need to have the interface ready. Ideas are in my head…

[mk: I forgot to mention PostNuke. The new theme for their site is beautiful as well. Slashcode is another alternative, but might be too memory intensive for what we really need. I also need to clear up that PHPNuke doesn’t suck, but before this happened I was debating the use of it for Safetyplace. The use of Blogger would be better for a hosted solution and allow for more flexibility for a Newbie, like the developers are.]</p>

Ooh, that hit a little to close to home.
This reminds me of Buddy Christ from “Dogma