“Spaghetti Western”

December 13, 2001

_Funny thing about weekends When you’re unemployed.

They don’t quite mean so much,

except you get to hang out with all your working friends_. – Primus

It’s really odd typing this here….but since some of you know what I’ve been going through…

I quit today, yep turned in my notice. I can’t really give any more details, but I have two offers on the table and a project for my side business. All involve being a web designer. All of these things either took form while we were away on our honeymoon or this week. It’s been really a mixed blessing. I have two offers, both **_gasp_** are here in town. I was starting to think I would have to move to Atlanta to continue being a Web Designer. So if you email me at my work address, please use mkelley@mkelley.net. I’ll be here at the home office until I start my new job in early January. During that time, riv@ will go live, safetyplace.org will be redesigned, and I can relax a little bit. I have some ideas for both projects and maybe the multiple week absence from a working enviroment will help the olde creative juices.