fight Once again, I had

December 16, 2001


Once again, I had some text here only to have Blogger screw it up. So, I am just going to keep my losses small. It’s early and I really can’t remember what I was typing about. I’ll be back later and maybe just maybe I’ll remember. I know Blogger is straining and that Ev is trying his best, hell I bought PyrAds for Pete’s sake, but sometimes it is taking forever to publish. Like today, I am trying to type in here on a whim, but normally I just type into a word processor. There was a safetynet setup at one point where it kept in memory your text, but I guess SQLserver and memory concerns nixed that. I don’t think that switching back (again) to NewsPro will work for what I want to do here. I tried Manila, but it was just a little too difficult for what I want to do (Sorry Dave). I’ve heard about Moveable Type, a Greymatter/Blogger importer and web journaling system. Since I do have the time, I might just test it out on one of my domains. I’ve heard a lot about it. I have the room on the server.