microsoft and blogger bother me

December 17, 2001

microsoft and blogger bother me today

Ok, I posted in Blogger for both Friday and Sunday, but I’ll be damned if it was offline for most of Sunday. Including upstream errors, everything hasn’t worked since Thursday. Blogger does seem faster now, and maybe it will not piss me off as much. I finally found a good explanation about the exploit used in the cracking of It’s a PHPNuke vulnerability that I found, no joke, 5 minutes after I wiped out the old setup. I thought I had a good answer, but this one is the correct one. I am trying to see what I should do about the next version of I have some ideas in mind, but somehow I still want to use PHPNuke somewhere. I might just have to setup a server using VMWare, so I can test it all out.

I purchased a game and I’ve spent most of the evening trying to get it to work. I updated everything from DirectX to a service Pack and nothing is working…..nothing seems to be working right today.

If you haven’t looked at Friday’s journal, I highly suggest you do…..