bumbleheaded slacker in red

December 19, 2001

We just returned home from a nice dinner with my Aunt. I have probably spend the grand total of 30 minutes in the past 10 years talking one-on-one with her and about 2 hours in her company. This was the most time I’ve spend with her in the past 10 years. She invited me and Niki over for a nice Post-wedding and pre-Christmas dinner. I can honestly say that we had a great evening and she really met Niki and actually she really met me….me as an adult, almost 30, with a wife, career (well kinda) and a life. Wow she can cook. We had a great steak and baked potato, possibly the best I’ve had in a long time.

Dinners like tonight’s is the reason Niki and I are tired of restaurant food. We have pretty much decided to just cook at home, since we are both pretty good cooks (Monday night’s couscous proved that) we can save money and cook some great meals at home.

We also finished up our Christmas shopping today. We got up early, hit the snooze alarm and went back to bed. We got up and finally went to the mall area, traffic was good, but by the time we finished it was crowded. I shopped for everyone and I even shopped for me.

Gifts I picked up for myself: Dreamcast AT/PS2 Keyboard adapter ($7) and a cheap game. I also picked up a few other things this week, a new 20gb hard drive, Mechwarrior 4, new joystick. I got the 20gb drive because my original purchase of Combat Flight Sim 2 would not run on my system. Suckit City did give me a credit that I used to get the drive for about $30.

Needless to say, I spent yesterday, completely rebuilding my system. I partitioned my drive into three partitions, OS, Programs, and files. I installed a nice clean Win2k system with only the software I use. Office, Dreamweaver, Nero, InoculateIT, WinZip 8, and ws_ftp. This is the first time I’ve rebuilt the system since I installed the PentiumPro Overdrive chip and the new memory. Everything seems to run faster than before. I am planning on installing Windows 98 onto a separate partition and just use that system for older games that I now want to play again. VMWare will use the former master 5gb drive to hold an installation of Linux. I’m going to try that tomorrow.

No real hassles came from rebuilding the system, I got rid of some old installs of StarOffice and SmartSuite that I really didn’t need and I removed that copy of FrontPage and NetObjects since I don’t use either anymore. I’m even going to see how long I can go without Photoshop 5. I have 6.0, but I decided to try out Fireworks, since they look a lot alike.

I will say that by the time I start my new job, all of my computers should be running great. I’ll start working on my Macs tomorrow 🙂 Now if Blogger would work right, then everything would be A-OK.

OK, it’s later now, and blogger is still f-ing up on me. This is getting old…