why do the kennedy’s have a compound?

December 21, 2001

I’ve been playing with some remix loops from acidplanet.com that use “official” samples from Madonna. It’s neat to actually play around with a song that you know and be able to change pitch, add instruments, and just futz around with. The files are huge, but interesting. I’m in the middle of downloading the vocal tracks that I want to try out with some other music. Should be more fun.

I just finished another Steve Jobs book, “The Second Coming of Steve Jobs “. He is an interesting person, one I can honestly say I would like to meet. Even though NeXT wasn’t as big as he wanted, OSX is proving that is was useful and his tenure as CEO of Pixar is interesting. I want to ask Dan some questions about his time at Pixar, I haven’t had time to email. Nothing for public dissection, but I just want to know about the general mood when his Steveness would push himself onto your work. I also find it interesting that when be became the Interim CEO at Apple his three main machines were 2 NeXT machines and a Toshiba Laptop….not even a Pismo or anything.

One of Niki’s customers is the Artistic Director for the Chattanooga Girls Choir . His wife gave us tickets to the Christmas concert tonight and it was really good. The younger choir (Concordia) was pretty good, but the older group he conducted (The Grace Moore Singers & Concert Choir) was awesome. There was one soprano who had this voice that would just sneak out and just make the music even greater and we couldn’t figure out which one she was. It was really a nice time. We just got back, but before we left downtown Chattanooga, we went to some of the offices around downtown that decorate their windows. Really nice Christmas scenes, but too cold for me.