tiny tim and the very special christmas

December 24, 2001

I must be an idiot of somekind. I went out the the maul..er mall on Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas and had to deal with people….people who do not know how to use their turn signals, do not know to move with the flow of traffic, and who pretty much make me vow to shop online for Christmas next year. Amazon gift raps for an additional charge, and that sound good to me. I’ll also bet most online stores will too.

We fixed dinner last night for Niki’s brother and new wife. Niki made a nice tender Turkey and I mad a nice Sausage and Sage dressing and yes it was good. We had a nice time and that was the first time we’ve had anyone over to the place for dinner. We spent all day cleaning and cooking. Today was Niki’s family’s Christmas and we had a blast and looked at some old maps and talked about history. Great time. Both days we wound up going out to look for Christmas lights at some nice rich neighborhood. Very nice lights, not as much as I’ve seen in previous years.

I am still trying to get all of my computers in top condition, but most of my days have been spent cleaning, cooking, and working on websites. Maybe after Christmas everything will get back to normal…whatever that is. Nothing too interesting is going on, typical things.

This has been the best Christmas in a long time and I hope yours is as happy. Merry Christmas from Me and Niki.