ninja boxes

December 27, 2001

Sorry for the lack of posts, despite being on an extended vacation away from working I have been keeping busy with housework and some smaller computer “experiments” (more later). Christmas was fun, Niki gave me some nice casual clothes and a stocking filled with some necessities: razors, pepto bismol, socks, deodorant. No computer things this year. So that iBook wasn’t on my Santa list. I did receive a drum for Christmas, one of my good friends gave me a snare drum, a nice Slingerland brass snare. He is a drummer too and knows that this is an honor to receive. Sounds great and I can’t wait to play with it. It was the best Christmas and what made it even better was that it was Niki and my first Christmas together.

We are living in a cable household now. We got cable today, I lived without it since February and Niki got tired of the 5 channels we did get. I happen to like PBS and FOX and can watch those stations anytime, but Niki was getting bored with the history shows on PBS. We were looking into a cable modem, but I don’t really think that Comcast is exactly the company I want to deal with. BellSouth has a good deal and I believe I can get DSL in here next week. I ordered it online, but they were having server problems.

I downloaded VMWare 3.0 and it is faster than the 2.0 version I was using previously. I’m having some funkiness with the video drivers under Linux, but it works fine when I use a WindowsOS. Right now, I have WinNT 4.0sp6 running Apache and PHPTriad on my only VMWare virtual machine. It works, I can see the start page, but I’m getting a MySQL error and I don’t know enough to figure it out. I want to have PHPNuke or another CMS on that test system. Getting back to VMWare, I had a Windows 95 VM that ran my older games and looked great. It actually seemed to run really well. If I had an actual partition for it instead of a virtual disk, I believe it would run really faster. My goal is to have my current NT VM, an older Windows VM, and a Linux VM. I was testing out VMWare using MS-DOS 6.22 and it worked.

I have a cold and my effectiveness is not that great. I’ve been sitting around playing with VMWare, making sure that Ziggy goes undetected when the Apartment Manager comes over today, and playing around with digital cable. I really just skimmed the channels and hoped that my old favorites VH1 and M2 would be good, but VH1 is turning into MTV with nothing but shows. I finally got a membership to Metafilter and I’ve been lurking around as Slashdot has become boring, Plastic is nothing, and every other news site sucks.

In light of the Blogger problems, I am taking a look at some other journal/news scripts. Blogger is a great community, but I left before because of glitches and I thought that everything would be ok by now. Ev is working his butt off, but nothing seems to make the system more stable. But, I will say that when you run a server with over 3.5 thousand people you will have some problems.