sears conspiracy

December 30, 2001

This nice cable modem rocks, way faster. Oh and way more attacks on my system. I’m not going to talk about what or how I secure my system but in the course of 24 hours I had 25 different crack attempts. My system is secure, very secure. My Win2k system has all of the latest patches and has been locked down. Plus I have a firewall in place. I have the IPs if anyone is interested :).

We spent most of the day trying to get an entertainment center. After going to Sears three times and being promised that the one we wanted would be in stock, we finally were told that they had three. So, we go to the mall and see where they jump up the price to the original price. So, lets see you don’t have any when it is on sale, but you have three when it is back to the original price…can you say bait and switch? Finally we get the salesgirl over where she says it will be back on sale on the 6th…at $30 higher than the sale price we initially saw. We say it’s Bulls#!+ and walk off. In Niki’s good judgment we went back and asked to speak to the manager. She agreed to let us have it for the original sale price. We go to the dock and find out they only have one and it’s missing it’s hardware….I am pissed. We go back to the desk where they call around and even call another store (at our instance). They have one coming in with our names on it. And it better be in good shape. We were still trying to figure out how they have a barcode system that can’t keep the info up-to-date. At least where Niki works they have it updated as it happens. Sears is to be avoided….We wouldn’t even shop there if we didn’t have a nice gift card.

I’ve been sick and I’m still sick so my head hasn’t been right during the day. I finally got my sugar up to a normal level, I’ve been in hypoglycemia-land all day, and between that and my cold medicine I feel like a new man. We’re going out of town for New Year’s and I have a lot to do until the end of the week. I have one system that will be upgraded, a garage that needs help, and a list of stuff I gotta get finished. Busy times.

I’m going to try Linux again. I have enough space to dual boot this system and not have to use VMWare. But I might just try using an actual partition instead of a virtual one and that should be fun. More later.