Happy New Years!

January 1, 2002

We went to Atlanta for New Years and had a great time and good food. It is cold around here and having a cold doesn’t help. I had a reaction to some medicine Sunday night and it really makes it hard to get around.

Two years ago I saw that all of the hard work I went through for months and the hard work of my crew paid off. I remember sitting in the CEO , a.k.a., Dr. Jones’ office drinking champagne and watching Dick Clark and the ball drop. We noticed that we had lights and phones and I checked the computers and we were ok. The only problem I had was with a date script I was using on a webpage. I remember working 12 hours and being burned out, but I knew it was better after Y2K. About one month later I started working on websites full time. I got tired of networking computers and got tired of being on 24 hour call. I didn’t have a vacation in 2 years and I really wanted to get on with my life.

One year ago{.liinternal}, I was very sick. I had no energy and my head was in the clouds. I thought I was going blind. But on January 4th I found out that I was diabetic and had thyroid disease. I knew that this was a life changing event but I had no idea that my life would be further changed. I got married on December 1st (today has been our One Month Anniversary) and quit my job on December 13th and have a new job. This was a hell of a year, a life changing year, and a great year.

I hope that 2002 will be a good year. There is a lot going on and maybe by the end of this year I can be just as happy as I am now. I hope that everyone who reads this journal has a great year.</p.

I have some plans for other sites this year. mkelley.net will remain my journal page, riv@ will continue to be a business site and that should be it for my sites. I plan on just having the two sites by Summer. I will improve what the current content is. I hope to have some other interactive bits added soon. I like the design of both sites and I can only see maybe a color change for mkelley.net. I am going to keep using Blogger, as it makes it simpler to use than trying to configure a system on the server space I have.